Types of Mezzanine Flooring

Due to its space-saving advantages, many types of buildings benefit from building an extra floor on top of their ground floor rather than relocating or reconstructing.
A professional architect should always be used to determine what type of flooring to use and also to determine whether the building is suitable for installation or construction of a mezzanine.
A professional will also be wary of the weight the structure can support and will advise you accordingly. The various types of mezzanine floors are:
Industrial Mezzanine Flooring
Normally used in warehouses and factories, industrial mezzanines are not normally constructed with the building but are rather installed on to an area after construction as the need arises.
Steel mezzanine floors are a popular method used by industrial building owners to acquire additional work or storage space without having to reconstruct their building.
These types of floors normally have an open plan but might feature enclosed offices as per the requirements. Many types of industrial mezzanine floors can be installed based on the requirements and available space. These include:
Office Mezzanine Flooring
Used by businesses to add to their workspace without having to relocate, office mezzanine flooring usually includes enclosed cabins rather than open-plan work areas.
They also feature additional details like floor covering, portioning, and furnishing. To give them a more executive look, office mezzanines can also be made out of wood depending on the weight they are expected to support.
A protected staircase is normally required to connect this type of flooring with the ground floor.

Benefits of Mezzanine Flooring

Mezzanine floors come with a wide range of benefits which is why they have become so popular in modern architecture. Some of these benefits include:
Cost Effectiveness
Compared to constructing a whole new floor or setting up a new base of operations, installing a mezzanine floor is an extremely cost effective way to get more out of your available space. For instance block paving only allows for one single floor, unlike mezzanine floors you can add more floors to your building without losing a fortune.
Cosmetic Value
Mezzanine floors that are used in public areas are adorned with a number of attractive features such as glass and aluminium, which adds value to the existing building.
When used correctly by a professional architect, these floors can really enhance the way your building looks this is because of the simplicity.
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