Alexander Rose offers four superb quality rattan weave outdoor and indoor garden furniture ranges The Monte Carlo, The Ocean , The Ocean Pearl, and the San Marino.

The Ocean range is inspired by the sea bringing a tropical seaside atmosphere to your outdoor area. The range embodies the innovation and design of Alexander Rose. The Ocean range is woven in a stunning “V” and open weave pattern using 7mm and 12mm triple bronze Rose Fibers. Ocean cushions are made of Oatmeal Olefin fiber and come with a 2year warranty.

Ocean Pearl range is a mixed tone of the Pearl and gives a lighter option to the Ocean bronze.

San Marino garden furniture is opulence, wealth and elegance capturing a Mediterranean feel. The San Marino is a traditional basket style weave.
The Monte Carlo range as in all the Alexander Rose ranges is manufactured in Cebu by highly skilled weavers. The 3mm textured rattan gives a beautiful natural feel. Monte Carlo cushions are made using charcoal Olefin fabric and come with a two-year warranty.

The luxuriously comfortable sun loungers and sun beds with amazing designs come in the Ocean, Ocean Pearl, Monte Carlo, and San Marino ranges.

For more information, please contact our Sales Office on 01564 330727 or email info@ardeninteriors.co.uk