Social Distancing


Using Sven screens to create protective barriers within offices, without creating oppressive “fortresses”.

Here we illustrate both additions to existing screen layouts and examples of new layouts based around social distancing requirements.

There is no definitive answer to the question “What height should barrier screens be?” The main function of barrier screens is to protect against coughed or sneezed airborne droplets, which are relatively large and fall from the air, due to gravity, within a short distance.

No screening can fully protect against viral aerosols—fine particles that can float in the air for hours — but the weight of evidence seems to suggest that aerosol transmission is negligible, if it occurs at all, outside of healthcare settings where there is very close contact between infected people and healthcare workers.

We suggest that 660mm above desk height provides an appropriate barrier against airborne droplets between seated people, and floor standing screens 1895mm high
an appropriate barrier between standing people (or a standing person and a seated person).