countour-imageFounded in 1995, Contour Design has evolved into becoming a global leader in development, research, and design of ergonomic computer input devices. With their foundations based in ergonomic research related to computer use, Contour Design produced the optimal computer mouse, which transpired into becoming devices such as the Rollermouse and the Contour Mouse.
Designed in 2013, Rollermouse Red is Contour Design’s most versatile mouse to date. Centrally positioned in front of the keyboard, the Red has brought efficiency and precision to how the user experiences using a computer. As a result, general work practices have now been thoroughly revolutionised.
Contour Design take pride in running parallel with the Scandinavian approach to computer user safety, where a safe work environment is a core ethos in most business cultures. Contour Design take the view that their products are aligned with human physiology, as a result achieving their aim of harmony in the work place.