gooduse-imageThe Gooduse Microdesk was designed in 1997 by a leading Occupational Health Physiotherapist who saw a flaw in the working environment and wanted it corrected. Manufatured in New Zealand the Gooduse Microdesk has helped correct the posture of over 100,000 users in more than 12 countries worldwide.
The Gooduse Microdesk reduces the strain placed on the neck and back by reducing the need to reach out, stretch or twist to interact with paperwork. With fully a adjustable mechanism that fits all heights, the Gooduse Microdesk allows you to prioritize and focus on the task at hand whilst simultaneously enabling continuous access to your keyboard. Creating more work space on any desk, the Gooduse Microdesk is sturdy, lightweight and transparent, as well as suitable for left and right handed users.
All users have been astounded by the level of flexibility the Gooduse Microdesk has introduced to their working environment. Previous aches and pains from leaning across desks or the inconvenience of not having room to manoeuvre as required, all become a thing of the past through the implementation of the revolutionary Gooduse Microdesk.