Harlequin prides itself on the most modern, chic designs, with an extensive portfolio of designer fabrics to suit any room in any home. Harlequin bodes an awe inspiring array of prints and weaves, available in a stunning selection of textures and colours. The choice of opportunity is endless, ranging from modern contemporary through to understated elegance. Harlequin allows you to take your home in any and every direction, leaving you in the setting you’ve always dreamed of.
Keeping true to their original heritage, Harlequin embraces its highly respected reputation for producing the crème de la crème of designer wallpapers, all of which showcase Harlequin’s stunning designs and array of textures. Renowned for producing exquisitely flamboyant statement wallpaper, Harlequin also leads the industry in new innovative creative finishes, pushing the boundaries in both colour production and technique. Harlequin’s extensive experience in design will allow you to take your creative aspirations to new heights.
Harlequin have taken the time to specially design a vast range of trimmings to complement and enhance the stunning range of fabrics Harlequin offer. The Arabella Trimmings will bring that extra sense of luxury and class to what is already an exquisite range of curtains, blinds, upholstery and accessories.
Arabella Trimmings is an Aladdin’s cave of six buttoned, picot, pleated and beaded braids. Taking good taste to a new level by two luxurious tie backs: a classically chic bobble tie-back and a decadent tassel tie-back, both of which can be entwined with other colour ranges to produce some truly stunning multi-hued combinations.
Harlequin have collaborated with a number of well renowned companies to offer a luxurious range to fit all lifestyle needs. Take the time to browse through the opulent collection of home accessories, which reflect Harlequin’s bestselling designs. Accessories ranging from towel, bed linen, rugs, cushions, trimmings and also home fragrance.