tci-imageTCI Seating specialise in the manufacture of posture seating, targeting the core ‘fit to purpose’ element of chairs, which enables them to compete against rival products from Scandinavian and Asian competitors.
With over 35 years’ experience in the furniture industry, TCI Seating produced the Orthopaedia™ range of chairs with the goal of delivering top quality, ‘UK grown’ products.
Based just outside Northampton, TCI Seating pride themselves on their endeavour to keep business in the UK wherever they can. Not only do TCI actively aid in keeping the UK economy healthy, they also take a keen interest in the environment. TCI Seating make a concerted effort to work with suppliers that partake in carbon offset programmes and review their waste production and sustainability.
With a view to ensuring they have the best possible research, TCI Seating liaise with an plethora of professionals ranging from Orthopaedists, Physiotherapists, Ergonomists and other Healthcare professionals. As a result of having access to such an extensive bank of knowledge, TCI Seating created unique coil sprung seats and backs which have exceeded the level of support offered by traditionally manufactured chairs.
Through the implementation of a rigorous control process, TCI Seating are in the highly enviable position of being able to say with confidence, that less than 1% of the products are returned. With this in mind, TCI Seating are more than comfortable in being able to offer a market leading 10 year warranty against any manufacturing defects.