Yves DelormeFREMAUX-DELORME has been manufacturing high end bed linen, bath linen, and table linen from the last 170 years across EMEA regions.
Our distribution channels:
– Our Palace Department which handles:

  • High end hospitality business (high end hotels, private guest houses)
  • Gastronomic restaurants
  • Yachting and Private Aviation
  • Palaces and Royal Families
  • Architects and Interior designers
  • Business Gifts

– 150 privately owned retail outlets across Europe
– 800 affiliates all around the world
Fremaux-Delorme group also holds manufacture & distribution license of famous brands like Calvin Klein, Kenzo, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren.
Yves Delorme Palace Department includes all kinds of “bespoke” enquiries for high end private properties, yachting and private aircrafts. We deal with all types of orders where customized sizes and colours may apply.
Family owned company after over 6 generations, Fremaux-Delorme has drawn its strength and business skills for more than 170 years always focused on proud tradition and “know how “.
We had started as a linen manufacturer and moved to a worldwide known creator and distributor across the 5 continents of luxury & fashionable home linen collections.
The company has also brought its knowledge and experience to the most luxurious hotel properties as well as 5 stars hotel chains thanks to its extensive ranges of bed, bath, and table linen products.